About us

The journey to cashless transactions. Cowry makes micro-payments easier and faster.

This initiative will help reduce cash transactions in transport operation in order to protect stakeholders’ investment in the transport sector, aid contact tracing, and protect commuters on their daily trips around Lagos.


Transport Made Seamless With Cowry

As long as you have your smartphone or cowry card, you can never be left stranded in Lagos. Now you can reduce your rush to go out and about in the city because Cowry takes out the queue and wait period.

Our mission

Connecting Lagosians with people and places they care about by providing safe, accessible, reliable and accountable fare collection services.

Our vision

Cowry will be the first choice for getting around Lagos, and reduce cash transactions.


Accessible Transit, Commuter Satisfaction, Seamless mode of payment in other to make commuting less stressful for you.

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